Memopad Basic


Paper thickness: 70 gm Colour usage: 4 colour Binding: glue bind Number pages: 60 pages Paper size: 6.35 cm x 9.5cm

* Custom Nama Hanya 1 Patah Perkataan (max 13 huruf)
* Ucapan tidak lebih 100 Characters



  • my gratitude list 10x
  • my dua list 8x
  • checklist 5x
  • grocery list 1x
  • a list of things to buy 2x
  • how i feel today 4x
  • kind things i did for myself 2x
  • a letter to myself 2x
  • a letter from me to you 2x
  • note to self 2x
  • words left unside 3x
  • feelings i want to hold on 1x
  • my wish list 2x
  • an accomplishment 4x
  • a list of things i’m proud of 2x
  • my small progress 3x
  • memo 2x

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